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A Medically Recommended and Discreet Way of Using Marijuana

Edibles are cannabis infused products. It is one of modern and discreet methods of consuming cannabis. Medical marijuana patients are looking for new ways of medicating beyond smoking. Online stores provide users with unlimited access to cannabis products. These include weed brownies, gummies, chocolate cookies, butter, drinks, pills, snacks and more. The process followed when looking to buy edibles online is pretty simple and safe. Delivery is done within a short period, typically, 24 hours. This allows individuals to have a constant supply of green products for medical reasons or events like friends get together. Eating weed products is considered the safest way of consuming cannabis compared to smoking. This is because there is no exposure to carbon, carcinogens, tar and other harmful chemicals compounds.


Orally consumed cannabis is availed in the blood stream through digestion. Cannabinoid THC is converted into a more potent 11-hydroxi-THC which has stronger and more seductive effect. Cannabis infused products are common among oxygen patients where smoking is no longer an option. Edibles are sources of essential nutrients especially for people with digestive orders. Cancer patients also take edibles to fight nausea. People consider it a discreet way of medicating. Ingesting weed is also associated with longevity of effects compared to rushing effects of smoking. Experimenting with different types of edibles allows patients to determine their consumption levels.

Types of Edibles

There are many types of cannabis infused products in the market today. Edibles fall into two categories, ones meant for gastrointestinal uptake, ones designed for oral uptake through saliva and those which fall in both these categories. Ones meant for gastrointestinal uptake include all edibles that need to be absorbed through the stomach. These include cookies, snacks, brownies, chocolate, and other food types. The effects of these edibles take longer before they start being felt, nearly 2 hours. But they produce long lasting effects, at least 8 hours.

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Edibles meant for oral uptake start being assimilated on contact with saliva. Their effects are felt almost immediately but wear off within 3 hours. Examples include suckers, tinctures and lozenges which can be held in the mouth. Hybrid cannabis edibles are absorbed both in the mouth and stomach. Types include infused drinks and chocolate bars. Regarding action time, this category falls in the middle of the other two types of edibles. Patients obtain a fast-acting relief which lasts for at least 4 hours.

Benefits Of Edibles

Edibles help treat a good number of medical conditions like Crohn’s disease, a gastrointestinal immune disorder. This disease occurs in the digestive tract thus allowing edibles to distribute both active and inactive cannabinoids around the affected area. This is more effective compared to smoking cannabis.

Edibles can be consumed discreetly in non-smoking zones. They also eliminate tar and carbon which cause breathing complications. Burning weed releases more than just THC thus increasing chances of getting cancer and other lung diseases. This method also allow patients who smoking is not an option, to obtain medical benefits. Oral intake and ingestion provides long lasting effects and a much intense feeling. Therefore, users don’t need occasional doses along the day.

Potential Effects

Most users experience anxiety and insomnia when they consume edibles for the first time. However, these effects fed away as individuals continue to consume them and getting used to mild effects. The tendency of edibles to take effect after a long period can be overwhelming when one consumes too much within short time intervals. Users should be on the look out for effects like hallucinations and lack of coordination. These indicate that one needs to step back. It recommended to stay hydrated and eat enough food.


The most important thing to consider before consuming an edible its potency. This allows one to determine how much they can eat. Most of them are designed to be split into doses. The strength of an edible depends on the potency of the product applied. Strengths of these products are well-indicated by the manufacturer in multiples like 5x. Other companies indicate the actual grams of infused cannabis. However, these numbers can be misleading due to disregard of individual chemical compounds. The recommended starting point for cannabis patients is 10 to 15 mg.

Finding the right consumption amount requires experimentation with different types of products while keeping track. It’s recommended to look for products which are lab tested when looking to buy edibles online. It’s important to check ingredients and make sure the labeling is correct. Dealer and physician advice also comes in very handy.

Order Considerations

Chemically, many inactive cannabinoids are converted into CBD and THC because of exposure to heat during the heating process. Acid forms of THC and CBD namely, CBDA and THCA undergo the process of decarboxylation due to increase in temperature. These acid forms have medical benefits for treating spasms, insomnia, inflammation and more. When looking to buy edibles online look for products which are not completely decarboxylated.

Some manufactures infuse cannabis with food products when it cannot be sold separately. It is then availed in form of low-quality cannabis food-products. Its also important to select a licensed dealer. This is to avoid being apprehended by federal authorities. The time of delivery is very key especially if edibles are meant for medical purposes. Choose sites which guarantee privacy and safety. The payment method should also be convenient. Patients can find dispensaries which allow them to buy edibles online.


Edibles are a convenient and discreet ways of consuming cannabis especially among people who are unable to smoke or those who simply resent smoking. Many people also find it more relaxing and calming than smoking. The extent in which edibles solve medical problems depends on the type and potency of infused products, body tolerance, diet and body chemistry. Unlike smoking the concentration of THC and CDB are higher in edibles. Most people are caught off-guard by a stronger potency and long-lasting effects. It’s recommended to spread intakes over a longer time span since effects of edibles take time to be felt and come in waves. Users are also urged to research on dealers before ordering online.