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CBD Milk: What Will they Think Of Next

A London coffee shop is now serving milk with CBD!

The milk contains hemp seems, dates, coconut oil, cashews, vanilla, water, and CBD oil. The concoction promises to help with anxiety, insomnia, and even pain

A phystotherapist named Michael Isted told Metro.co.uk that his goal was to create a CBD based drink due to its widely celebrated medicinal benefits. Many people around the world use CBD for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits.


CBD is used for many different issues including pain relief, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and glaucoma.

The CBD is said to taste similar to almond milk but with an earthy, cannabis inspired aftertaste.

The founder of Rawlington, John Taba, said that a number of customers claim to feel calm and tranquil after drinking the milk.

Relax milk is currently only available at Rawlington.