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Facts You Should Know about CBD Dabs

Have you tried CBD dabs yet? If your answer is no, don’t worry, we’ll leave you with enough information to make you a CBD dab expert. You’ll be on your way to dabbing in no time! We’ll also include a youtube video that explains further how to consume CBD dabs

CBD dabs are made by extracting CBD from cannabis or hemp plants. The concentration of CBD is quite sticky in nature and is also commonly referred as wax or dab. Dabs are one of the newest and fondest methods of consuming CBD without ingesting detrimental contaminants. CBD dabs are a medium of vaping CBD and is one of the fastest way to feel the medical benefits of CBD in the body. Dabs are extracted in various different types using different techniques and most popular ones are butane, alcohol, and CO2.

Some popular facts about CBD Dab Wax

CBD can be used for a numerous amount things but there are some people who have serious health problems. Most of those people require higher doses of CBD, therefore they turn to concentrated forms of CBD.

Ways to consume the CBD wax

Knowing the way to consume CBD concentrates is the key to increasing their constructive effects on the mind and the body of a person. You should first consider which tools, such as dab-rigs, vaporizers, and nectar collectors, you would require for consumption. Some techniques for consuming CBD concentrates are better than other methods. This will mostly be based on the type of concentrate you buy. Some of the popular ways of consuming CBD concentrates include:

One of the best ways to consume the CBD wax is through dabbing, which is the process of heating a small quantity of wax. It is then applied to the heated coil or  dabbing pen. The CBD is then gasped through the pen’s mouthpiece. The heat vaporizes the wax, allowing the user to be inhaled it through his or her mouth.

Vaporizing: Vaporizing is one among the healthiest ways to inhale CBD concentrates. Vaporizing allows you to burn the wax at different temperatures. Burning concentrates at different temperatures allows you to experience different benefits of your wax.

This consumption method is becoming an increasing global trend. It allows the user to feel the real benefits of the CBD wax instantly. Another major benefit of consuming the product through dabbing is that it allows each user to modify his/her dosage easily. Dabbing can be used safely by combining the CBD wax with other CBD products, but while dabbing it for the first time, it is better and safe to start with a small dosage and then it can be increased, if necessary.

Extraction methods for CBD Dabs

CBD dabs are usually extracted using the Co2 method. Co2 is one of the cleanest ways to extract essential oils since it leaves behind virtually no solvents. CBD dabs can be extracted numerous different ways. You could use butane, alcohol, or steam. What are some of the extraction methods that you prefer?

With researchers recently gaining access to CBD the information out is very limited. There are probably tons of different uses for CBD, as time goes on we’ll begin to learn more and more about CBD and its uses. Hopefully many more people can get to enjoy the therapeutic and medical effects of CBD.


CBD wax has several benefits, like the strength and purity of the CBD it includes or the propinquity of feeling its effects. It offers the equal plethora of health benefits similar to that of other CBD products. As the CBD wax is heated and then inhaled, the substance may not be appropriate for everybody. However, the dabbing method is becoming more and more popular.


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