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Know the different ways of consuming CBD Wax

What are CBD concentrates?

CBD concentrates are the products derived from the extraction process of a cannabinoid. There are various concentrates available to buy and many of them are copious in specific cannabinoids, like CBD or Cannabidiol. CBD is also known for its major benefits, lacking the high effects on the perception and the mood of a user.

What is CBD wax?

CBD wax is one option while considering Cannabidiol products, which is produced by whipping the hash oil during the extraction process. It is extracted through the carbon dioxide process, as it extracts the purest form of Cannabidiol when compared to other processes, such as the oil method and the ethanol method. It is also popularly known as a dab because of its related consistency. CBD Wax is easier to manage than oil, although both contain an equal percentage of CBD.

Ways to consume CBD dab wax


Inhaling: Inhalants are the most commonly used tool to consume the CBD concentrates, by combining the concentrates with the herb and smoke it as if you usually would with a flower. However, concentrates are often burned at different temperatures and speeds.


Using Bowls: Most dispensaries and head shops offer concentrate bowl accessories for bongs and bubblers. The hash is placed at the base of the bowl and it is then heated using a glass baton, which is a stick. This make the concentrate vaporize upon contact and the vapor is then smoked.

Oral: Most CBD concentrates, like hash, are not set to be consumed through the mouth. The cannabinoid should be activated through a process, known as Decarboxylation, to feel the effects of the Tetrahydrocannabinol. Butane hash oil and Bubble hash can also be combined with glycerin, butter, oil, or drinking alcohol to generate an edible form of the CBD concentrate.

Tincturing: CBD concentrates can be consumed in the form of tinctures, which are the liquid concentrates. These are usually procured using alcohol to take out the cannabinoids from the Cannabis plant. These tinctures are available in small containers with droppers on the top. Placing some drops of tincture beneath your tongue will make you feel the real effects of the concentrate.