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All You Need to Know about CBD Concentrate

Known for its healing properties, CBD concentrate or Cannabidiol is an absolute preventive medicine. A natural substance that is made or derived from the stems and roots of cannabis plant, CBD is no less than a medical wonder. The herb is being touted as the next big thing in the food supplement industry and is believed to have scope for a possible bigger medical application.

CBD concentrate is among the 85 chemical substances that are found with cannabis plant. CBD concentrate mainly comes in oil form as well wax form and is purely legal way of treating anxiety, muscle pain, spasm or various types of inflammatory diseases.

Different types of Cannabidiol concentrates

Concentrate is anything and everything that is procured through the process of extraction. The consistencies of the cannabis concentrate ranges from sticky saps to dry crumbles and even hard shatters.  come in variety and can wary in size, appearance and opaqueness. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular types of Cannabidiol dabs-


cbd concentrate



Butane Hash Oil – BHO or Butane Hash Oil is one of the most potent types of concentrate and can be consumed through vaping or dabbing. The BHO concentrate is the typical of all concentrates and is sold in market with various names such as nectar, crumble, honeycomb or moon rock.

The butane concentrates are realized by applying butane to the cannabis plant. The materials is pressurized on the plant for washing it later and the resultant solution that plant produces is come to be termed as BHO. With further distillation and refining the material of the cannabis plant is treated and optimum levels of Cannabidiol and THC is maintained.

Hash – This one is the earliest dab that was derived from the cannabis plant. The extraction of hash is quite simple and it concentrated by simply compressing the resins of the cannabis plant. Hash can also be prepared by crushing the powdery kief of the plant that is coated with flowers. You can also take help of various solvents like ethanol as well as ice water to strip off the Cannabidiol crystals loaded with the cannabis plant.

Hash can also be extracted in watery form and the resultant concentrates can be in the form of wax, bubble hash or ice wax. Water hash is prepared by simply mixing cold or ice water with the material and is treated chemically or mechanically to break the brittle heads in trichome form. The solution is now filtered and any undesirable content or solvent is removed to get a pure water hash.


CO2 oil – Another quite extraordinary type in concentrate category is CO2 oil. The dab or extract is produced through botanical extractors and the method uses compressing of carbon dioxide at high pressure to get what is called supercritical fluid. The method is quite suitable and helps retaining essential compounds in the cannabis.

The process is quite beneficial and produces amber oil that can consume simply through vaping with vaporizer pens. The process of CO2 oil extraction is quite costly and is only feasible when performed on large scale. Disposable cartridges that contain CO2 prove extremely vital and are utilized in various medical applications.

Ways to consume CBD Concentrate

Tinctures and Cannabidiol concentrate – Tinctures are nothing but a medicine that is prepared by dissolving drug in alcohol. Here, tinctures are similar and it contains cannabis extracts that contains less of CBD oil. Tinctures are mainly found in smaller bottles and come with droppers that help decide the right consumption. The satisfying aspect about the tinctures is that they can be simply prepared on DIY basis or can be purchased form over the counter shops.

Cannabidiol concentrate and vaping – One of the most popular methods of consuming Cannabidiol concentrate, vaporizing provide pleasure and satisfaction as well as relief immediately. It is the cent percent legal way of availing all health benefits of concentrate without consuming marijuana. It is similar to smoking marijuana but does not contain an iota of marijuana harmful elements.

Cannabidiol concentrate through edibles – Apart from Vaporizing and tinctures, Cannabidiol can also be consumed orally via foodstuffs or baked goods. The extracted CBD dabs or CBD oil  can be mixed into any food stuff or baked product and gives similar benefits as it gives with tinctures or vaporizers. You can simply use hash oil with coconut water and water to isolate Cannabidiol into a ready to eat form.