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Cannabidiol oil CBD for anxiety

Like many over-the-counter western medicines, Cannabidiol oil plays an indispensable and important role in regulating various medical conditions. Among the top conditions it has perfectly kept in check is social anxiety disorder. Medical scientists have for years taken the initiative to research CBD hemp oil in a bid to prove its efficiency. While a huge lot of the studies prove CBD to be a good treatment for social anxiety, some doubts have been raised however. Such doubts are backed by the fact that no conclusive study exists to support CBD anti-anxiety treatment.

Wondering how the studies are done? Well, being comparative studies, CBD is compared to other hemp oils such as THC. Tetrahydrocannabidiol is also used to treat anxiety but has a little side effect that not all patients are ready to live with. THC top psychological side effect is leaving patients psychoactive. Apart from keeping anxiety at bay, it leaves you high. However, CBD oil is a non-psychoactive substance that contains anxiolytic properties such as anti-stress.

Facts on Cannabidiol oil

  • CBD oil is among the top scientifically-identified products of a flowering cannabis plant. Actually, it tops a list of over 85 other extracts that have medicinal properties.
  • CBD oil has a very unique effect as explained by many doctors. It has a neuropsychological effect different from any other oil. This is essential in the treatment of anxiety independent on the extent or how chronic it is. This negates THC which is a psychoactive euphoriant making it a bit of a no-go-zone for one-time users.
  • CBD oil is known to have treated other ailments apart from anxiety. This has made it an anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsion, anti-psychotic neuro protective agent.

How Cannabidiol oil treats anxiety

From studies, CBD oil has a rich pharmacodynamic profile putting it among the top axiolytic agents. Its mechanism of action is however deep and extensive. In a nutshell, it acts by modulating neurotransmissions in various ways. Among them is the alteration of 5-HT1A and GPR55 opoid receptor sites. Such an alteration is responsible for the enhancement of hippocampal neurogenesis.

Benefits of CBD oil for anxiety

Why take Cannabidiol oil and shun anti-anxiety drugs from the pharmacy? You are left with no option once you know of the multiple benefits it offers while treating your anxiety. Below is a detailed array of benefits associated with prescription of CBD oil as a once-and-for-all treatment of anxiety.

  1. Acute administration

Have you ever felt the urge to take a whole dose of anxiety drugs at once to save yourself from overwhelming anxiety? Yes, it is normal for patients to crave for a drug that is super active on a single dose. CBD oil is actually an instantaneous treatment for anxiety. It yields a fast-acting relief putting you in a position that does not require any future dosage.

  1. Adjuctive option

Its anxiolytic effects make it a better option than some top pharmaceutical agents believed to treat anxiety. Indeed, you can use it not only as a treatment but as prevention for any anxiety after noting slight signs of it.

  1. Antipsychotic

Have a look at some of the causes of anxiety. At times, schizophrenia patients are victims of acute anxiety. What if you had a solution not only of the effect but of cause? This means, you can keep schizophrenia in check in a bid to control your anxiety. This is achievable since all you need is to indirectly modulate dopaminergic transmission.

  1. Anti-inflammatory

Medical practitioners attending to anxiety patients say that a big number of neuropsychiatric disorders are treated alongside severe inflammation. This means a patient is at a high risk of suffering from neuroinflammation during an anxiety attack. Such inflammation can be tracked down to numerous causative underpinnings like viruses, air pollution and brain injuries.

Did you know that a slight increase in inflammation translates to cytokine abnormalities and glial cells? They then contribute a lot to your anxiety disorder. Thanks to Cannabidiol oil, you can get rid of any neuroinflammation.

  1. General health improvement

Apart from treating your anxiety, you stand a chance to get rid of other disorders. This improves your general health a lot. Among the top benefits of CBD oil are:

  • Boosting your immune function
  • Reduction of any muscle spasms
  • Modulation of your blood sugar level
  • Inhibiting growth of bacteria

Is Cannabidiol oil worth taking?

It is normal for a first-time user to weigh options of whether to use it or stick to the normal pharmacy drugs. Wait! Have you ever been a victim of acute anxiety? Guess you have never lost a job just because of a slight anxiety in presentation or communication with your boss. Or is your anxiety so mild that you think there is time for doubts? While you may have a big load of reasons as to why you should not try CBD oil, you are risking your health.

CBD oil is a topnotch anxiety treatment option worth taking. First, you stand a chance to be your own doctor by prescribing your own dosages since it has a prescription from the manufacturer. Being a pro-active drug, there is more research being done in coming up with a universal dosage that puts every level of anxiety within certain dosage brackets.

Still, you have to shed any worries of failure since they have been tested and approved by various top medical agencies. This is the reason you are able to find this being sold at a local pharmacy or allowed for prescription.

A step of faith

It is time you killed your anxiety than sit around and read reviews and online research studies on whether or not to take it. Take action now by taking CBD oils to treat your anxiety. As to why it is a step of faith is that, the decision depends on you. Your faith in its healing power should not make you anxious, but deal with it. Let your healing story be a future case study.